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4601 Old Shepard Pl. Bldg 1, Ste 116 Plano, TX 75093

From time to time all computers and networks need a thorough security review. These reviews are important to maintain the privacy of individuals and in the case of some businesses, a legal necessity.

I offer a wide range of services to all of my customers including the following:

Residential Customers:

  • Audit and securely configure your home WiFi.
  • Scan and clean your computers of spyware, adware, botnets, and various other malware.
  • Securely configure your home router to protect from intruders.


Medium/Small Business Customers:

  • Audit your network and provide a detailed threat analysis.
  • Propose and implement security measures to help protect your network.
  • Clean up malware infections across your network.
  • And much more.

Mobile: 469.464.9429

Fax: +1.469.666.1099

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